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We currently are offering limited availability to new clients as we prioritize care for our existing patients.




Food and medication pickup:

We have introduced an online store for food and pet supply orders. Our webstore offers the convenience of home delivery and carries a wider variety of products than we have in-stock in our hospital. Please see the link above.

Please call 24-48 hours ahead for medication refills so we can ensure everything is ready for your arrival. We ask for your patience as there has been an overwhelming number of orders, and there may be a greater delay than what you are used to. Deliveries from our distributor have been significantly delayed, and some items have been restricted by suppliers.


We are now offering telemedicine to help reduce direct contact on a situational basis. Some questions and concerns can be addressed over the phone or via email, while others may require an in-person examination. Please contact our front office to determine if you and your pet are eligible for telemedicine services.  A telephone consultation of up to 10 minutes or an email with medical advice can be provided for a fee. These consultations will be performed time permitting between more urgent cases. Pictures and videos will help your veterinarian identify the issue and come up with a solution. If it is deemed that your pet should be physically seen by a veterinarian, then this fee is waived.

No Show Policy:

To minimize empty appointment slots in our day that could be given to another pet in need of our care, there is a $50 No Show fee for clients that do not come for their appointment time. This fee must be paid at or prior to the next visit.