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Yes, we are OPEN!


A message to our clients regarding our response to COVID-19.


In this current uncertain environment, we need to change how we meet our patients’ needs. Our goal, as always, is to promote the health of our patients, our staff and our community.


Current conditions are limiting the number of patient visits our team can accept. As we continue our commitment to exceptional patient care for our existing clients, we are NOT accepting new clients at this time.


Granville Island Veterinary Hospital (GIVH) has updated protocols due to the increasing number of COVID-19 cases in BC. We are temporarily changing the way we do things to be a socially responsible business during this challenging time. Currently, companion animal veterinary practice is considered “non-essential” so protective measures must be taken to ensure we can stay open to help our furry loved ones. In order to limit direct contact with people, we will be allowing pets, but not people, into our building. We are trying to do our best to prevent the spread of the virus while still providing healthcare to our beloved pets. Below are instructions on how to proceed, starting Friday, March 20th, 2020. We ask for your patience during this transition as we work out the kinks and welcome any suggestions. Most of our practices assume you have a smartphone - if you do not please call ahead of time and we can work out an alternative solution.


Please call the hospital from the parking lot when you arrive. A receptionist will go over a questionnaire and estimate that has been emailed to you ahead of time and verbal consent will be obtained to proceed. A technician will then take the line to answer any final questions and meet you at the front door for admission. Unfortunately, belongings cannot accompany your pet at this time but rest assured that they will have a comfortable bed with all the fixings. When the surgery is complete, you will be called with an update & home care instructions and arrange a discharge time. Payment can be settled at that time via credit card over the phone. Instructions to care for your pet at home will be emailed to you and we welcome you to call at any time for clarification or questions 24 hours a day. When you arrive for pick up please call the clinic and a technician will meet you at the front door with your pet.


Please call when you arrive at the hospital. Our reception team will then transfer you to a veterinarian to obtain a medical history over the phone and outline a plan. A staff member will then meet you at the front door and bring your pet to the veterinarian for an examination. We use treats, love and stress-free measures to ensure your pet has a positive experience - let us know if your pet has special needs. Your veterinarian will create a diagnostic and treatment plan based on his/her findings and review an estimate and timeline with you over the phone. Payment will be collected over the phone via credit card. Your pet and any medications, supplements or prescription diets will meet you at the front door at the end of the appointment.

Remember to account for weather conditions as we cannot provide protection from the elements under these current conditions. Cars can get warm quickly, so we suggest any pets not presented for an exam should remain at home. If you are travelling to the hospital on foot, consider bringing an umbrella for unexpected rain showers.

NOTE: An exception will be made for end-of-life appointments as we understand this can be an incredibly difficult time. However, if you are feeling ill or have travelled outside of the country we ask that you say goodbye to your pet at home and have a trusted friend or family member attend. Any persons entering the facility are requested to wear a protective face mask and to adhere to recommended physical distancing guidelines as much as is reasonably possible.

Technician appointments:

Please call when you arrive at the hospital. Your call will be transferred to a technician who will confirm your scheduled treatment and meet you at the front door with an estimated timeline. Payment can be made over the phone via credit card. A technician will meet you with your pet at the front door or call you with a discharge time if the treatment requires a short stay at the hospital.

Food and medication pickup:

Please phone ahead for medication refills and food requests so we can ensure everything is ready for your arrival. We ask for your patience as there has recently been an overwhelming number of orders and there may be a greater delay than what you are used to. Deliveries have been delayed but luckily few items have been restricted by suppliers.

Please call the hospital when you arrive and let them know what you have to pick up. Payment will be taken over the phone and a staff member will meet you at the front door with your products.


We are now offering telemedicine to help reduce direct contact on a situational basis. Some questions and concerns can be navigated over the phone or email while others require a physical examination. Please call our front office to determine whether you and your pet are a candidate. A telephone consultation of up to 10 minutes or an email with medical advice can be provided for a fee. These consultations will be performed time permitting between more urgent cases. Pictures and videos will help your veterinarian identify the issue and come up with a solution. If it is deemed that your pet should be physically seen by a veterinarian then this fee is waived.