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We are paying close attention to the world around us during this very serious COVID-19 virus outbreak. Recommendations are changing rapidly and several times in the last few weeks we have seen communities similar to ours realize too late that they were not careful enough with their precautions. For this reason, the Granville Island Veterinary Hospital (GIVH) is making the difficult decision to restrict our hours and limit our services to those deemed essential procedures.

Essential procedures include those required to alleviate animal pain and suffering, to prevent imminent threat of death of the animal, and matters pertaining to public health (e.g. vaccination against rabies).

The welfare of both our patients and our clients are important parts of our decision, particularly as we know our pets are a critical support mechanisms to many of our clients during these challenging times - we know this is your family.

Recommendations may change based on our growing understanding of this disease, changes in messaging from governments and regulators, and as this pandemic evolves. We understand this is a fluid situation and our goal cannot be to maintain business as usual, but rather to provide the optimal outcomes for our patients, our clients and or staff, while doing our part to support social distancing efforts.

Any consultations that do not absolutely require physical contact with your pet should be done via telemedicine if at all possible. The list below provides some general guidance for which procedures or conditions can be continued and which should be postponed. Our veterinarians will their judgement in determining whether certain services or procedures may be deemed essential for specific clients or patients based on their circumstances.

This message comes with a heartfelt thank you to our clients who have been so understanding of the changes we have had to put into place so far and that will likely continue to change over the next weeks. Our goal is to continue to be here for you, until we can return to a time when open doors and welcoming hugs are again a part of the business that means so much to us. STAY SAFE!

Service Advice
Wellness Visit / Annual Health Exam POSTPONE
Food/Medication Sales CONTINUE, respecting social distancing
Rabies Vaccination CONTINUE (considered a public health service)
Puppy/kitten Vaccines CONTINUE, respecting social distancing
Other Vaccines (including adult boosters) POSTPONE
Flea/Heartworm medication CONTINUE, respecting social distancing
Acutely Painful Condition CONTINUE, respecting social distancing
Management of Chronic Pain We suggest a telemedicine consult
Management of Chronic Illness We suggest a telemedicine consult
Routine Blood Work Monitoring POSTPONE
Vomiting/Diarrhea CONTINUE, respecting social distancing
Respiratory Concerns CONTINUE, respecting social distancing
Ear Infections We suggest a telemedicine consult
Aural Hematomas CONTINUE, respecting social distancing
Itchy Skin, Skin Infection, Allergies We suggest a telemedicine consult
Limping We suggest a telemedicine consult
Lacerations, Wounds, Broken Nails CONTINUE, respecting social distancing
Anal Gland Expression or Nail Trims POSTPONE
Cytopoint/Cartrpohen injections/SQ fluids CONTINUE, respecting social distancing
Routine Dentistries POSTPONE
Broken/Infected/Painful teeth CONTINUE, respecting social distancing
Spays In general, CONTINUE
Neuters In general, CONTINUE
Painful Conditions requiring Surgery CONTINUE, respecting social distancing
Benign/Cosmetic Lump Removals POSTPONE
Known Cancerous Conditions Requiring Surgery CONTINUE, respecting social distancing
Euthanasia CONTINUE, special exceptions in place to allow clients to be present UNLESS there is active illness in the home or exposure to someone with COVID-19. Any persons entering the facility are requested to wear a protective face mask and to adhere to recommended physical distancing guidelines as much as is reasonably possible.