Warrior Dog: American Ninja Warrior Uses Service Dog To Help Train

Warrior Dog LeeLo - Therapy dog for Type 1 DiabetesKyle Cochran is a 26 year-old insulin pump sales specialist in San Diego, California. At least, that’s his day job. When he is not working, he is working out in preparation for the chance to be the first American Ninja Warrior Champion.

Kyle Cochran is no usual contestant, however. He has Type 1 Diabetes, but he is conquering it with a little help from his service dog, Leeloo.

From Hunted…

A woman found Leeloo, a Lab-Whippet mix, running from a pack of coyotes in the foothills behind her house in Northern California. The good Samaritan took her in and fostered her through a rescue until a home could be found.

“I was looking for a dog to train to be a service dog. My dad found her picture online,” Cochran says. “I fell in love when I met her.”

To Hero

“She has made me fall in love with dogs again,” Cochran says. “After I lost my first dog, it was hard for me to consider getting another because it was a painful loss. She brings so much warmth and love into my life every day.
Leelo helps Cochran with his training, though that cute face must be hard to ignore when he’s trying to concentrate.

Leelo is now trained to be Cochran’s diabetes service dog, alerting him when his blood sugar level changes. She gives him the freedom to train without having to stop and test frequently.

“She helps me train for ninja warrior by staying by my side during the training to make sure that my blood sugar stays in the range that it needs to be in,” he explains. “It’s really easy to spike or drop in blood sugar when training as hard as I do and it’s so comforting to know that she’s right there to protect me.”

And when she is “off duty,” Cochran takes her to dog beach where he says she just “goes wild.”

An Inspiration

Both Leeloo and Cochran are an inspiration for others who suffer from diabetes – to not let it beat them.

“My advice to kids with diabetes would be this: never see diabetes as an obstacle to slow you down or hold you back. Diabetes is a gift and beautiful opportunity to live a life that inspires everyone around you,” Cochran says. “Let your diabetes make you stronger. Let it grow your love for other people who are challenged by their own obstacles and difficulties. And most of all, let Christ be your friend and your guide in this wild life; you will never be lost.”

You can cheer Cochran on as he attempts the semi-finals July 7 on NBC. He assured us that Leeloo will be there to help him and if he makes it to the finals, she will go too.

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