Tips for Keeping Your Family and Friends Safe ... Including Your Dog

Better-Never-Bitten -  Dog Bite Prevention TipsThis week ( April 9-15) is Natioanl Dog Bite Prevention Week and please take a moment to read through this pamphlet to learn how to simple clues to help keep yourself, your kids and your pooch safe. Take this opportunity to learn more about dog bite prevention and help educate others so we can all work together to prevent dog bites.

Dogs are our best friends, and many families cnnot imagine life without them. Yet bites from pet dogs are common and can ruin an otherwise loving relationship. Although we certainly see them as members of the family, it is important to remember that dogs are, in fact, dogs - whose native language is different from our own. What a child might do to show her love to a dog might be seen as a threat, and reaching to take something as meaningless as a paper towel from it might insult any dog's sense of ownership. We hear all kinds of advice and it can be confusing. What, then, can we do to ensure that our children, ourselves, and our beloved pets are content and safe?