Welcome to Granville Island Veterinary Hospital (GIVH) in Vancouver BC
Our goal is to keep your Dogs and Cats healthy and happy!

Granville Island Veterinary Hospital (GIVH) is a full-service veterinary hospital located in Vacnovuer BC. We offer a number of services including emergency service, intensive critical care, medical, diagnostic, surgical, and regular health exams and acupuncture for your pet. We also carry a variety of pet supplies to provide you with a selection of safe, vet-approved pet food, supplements, treats, toys, and accessories.

Our goal is to ensure that your dogs and cats live a longer, healthier and happier life by offering excellent client service.

Please feel free to browse the many pet care services that the Vancouver Granville Island Veterinary Hospital offers.

If you have any questions, call us at 604.734.7744 or send us an e-mail

Vancouver Pet Service in GIVH - medical, diagnostic, surgical, and preventive health care Our services:

  • Acute Care
    Our primary focus is to provide the area's most advanced veterinary medical care. Our goal at Granville Island Veterinary Hospital is to help your pet live a longer, healthier life.
  • General Pet Services
    Your pet’s health is very important at The Granville Island Veterinary Hospital. Just like us, animals also need regular health exams, vaccination, nutritional and Behavioural counselling, internal and external medicine, and to enjoy their long healthy lives.
  • Office Hours
  • Pet Supplies