General Pet Services

General Pet Services in Vancouver BCThe Granville Island Veterinary Hospital (GIVH) offers a wide range of general pet services in BC Vancouver and the Kisilano area. Our animal willness care services include the following:

  •     Regular Health Exams (once or twice a year depending on your pet's age)
  •     International Health Exams
  •     Vaccination Programs
  •     Nutritional Counselling
  •     Pet Wellness Programs
  •     Senior Pet Care
  •     Behavioural Counselling
  •     Internal Medicine
  •     Internal Parasite Control (Fecal examination)
  •     External Parasite Control
  •     Preventative Dental Care
  •     Ear and Eye Care
  •     Flea Control and Coat Care
  •     Pre-Anesthetic Lab Tests
  •     Spays and Neuters
  •     Tattoo and Microchip I.D.
  •     Acupuncture - New Service