Furry Residents

Felix (Aug 1, 1993-Feb 13, 2011) Felix (Aug 1, 1993-Feb 13, 2011)

It is with great sadness that we say goodbye to our friend Felix. Felix was helped across the Rainbow Bridge with his closest friends around him on February 13, 2011. He had been a remarkably healthy senior until his last days, when it became apparent that his kidneys were not going to recover, despite our best efforts.

Felix came to the hospital August 9, 1994, after a fall from a balcony caused a badly broken leg. Dr. Dennis Jackson repaired his injuries, but his owners failed to ever pick him up, so he was adopted by the hospital. He became a fixture at reception, where he first adopted the top of the warm computer monitor as a bed, and moved to a more spacious basket when we converted to flat screens and he became more arthritic due to his old injury. Felix had a distinguished career as a blood donor, saving several lives in the process until he was retired due to age. He was a professional food thief and skilled beggar for treats - food was certainly one of his first loves. We'll certainly miss him waving at us for a cookie, and massaging our receptionist's shoulders with his paws to get exactly what he wanted. He knew precisely what time his meals were due at, and which nurse was responsible for providing them!

We'll miss his companionship, and the comfort of his presence at our front desk that has been a feature of the last 17 years.

Leuk (Feb 14, 1998-June 13, 2012)

Leuk (Feb 14, 1998-June 13, 2012)

Leuk came into our lives in 1998. He had been surrendered to the SPCA as he had sever separation anxiety, and happened to be neutered here at the hospital. Our staff fell in love with him, and it was a perfect fit, as here at the hospital, he was never alone. Leuk was also a universal blood donor, meaning he could donate blood to any other dog safely. He saved many lives during his stay with us.

As Leuk was entering his retirement, he was lucky enough to fall in love with Carla, one of our technicians. She opened her house and her life to him and he spent many happy years with her, still dropping in frequently to visit all of his old friends. 

We said goodbye to our Leukie this year due to cancer. We are all lucky to have known such a remarkable dog.