Feline Blood Donor Program

Could your cat be a blood donor?

Come to the Granville Island Veterinary Hospital to find out!

Vancouver BC Feline Donor Program @ GIVH!

Cat blood is collected from a donor cat and may either be used immediately (transfused to a recipient cat that needs the blood) or may potentially be stored in a blood bank. If the blood is to be stored special care and techniques need to be used to ensure the blood reemains uncontaminated and will remain safe and viable during storage.


We are looking for cats who are:

1. Healthy
2. At least 10 lbs.
3. The age between 1-7 years old
4. Kept indoors only
5. Have a friendly  nature at the clinic
6. Up-to-date on vaccines

If interested, please call 604-734-7744.

cats blood donor program