Avoid holiday pet hazards Pet Hazards
Lights, Plants and Household Items, Perfumes and after-shaves, oh my. These are just a few of the potential pet hazards around your pets ... Read More
dog Physio and Rehab  Dog Physio and Rehab
What is Physiotherapy? Experts say physical rehabilitation can be a helpful tool for animals that are recovering from surgery for orthopedic or neurological problems ...Read More
Winter Weather Hazards for Dogs and Cats Winter Pet Care
As most dog and cat lovers know, winter in Canada can be very challenged for their four-legged friends. Here are list some of winter weather Hazards for dogs and cats may help you to pay an extra cautions... Read More
 Kennel cough Kennel Cough
Kennel cough is an upper respiratory infection affecting dogs. A number of pathogens can cause kennel cough, including viruses such as canine distemper, canine adenovirus, canine parainfluenza virus... Read More
Cat Wellness Checkups in Vancouver BC Cat Wellness Checkups

Your cat can't always tell you where it hurts, or cats may mask their pain (a survival behavior in the wild). A comprehensive physical exam allows our doctors to compile a list of clues that can help uncover disease ... Read More

 Holiday Hazards for Furries Holiday Hazards for Furries

Christmas is just around the corner. Most families have already set up their beautiful Christmas trees and decorations a couple weeks ago. It is always fun to decorate the tree and the entire home. However, those decorations can be dangerous, sometimes deadly to your lovable furries... Read More

 Summer safty tips for dogs

Keep your dog safe in the summer

Summer is a terrific time to be a dog owner. It lets you run, swim, and play with your dog in nicer weather than any other time of the year. However, summer also brings unique risks to your dog's health that you should keep in mind throughout the season. These summer dangers include... Read More